Is Childhood Cancer Preventable?

This study suggests it is

Lisa Manzer
3 min readAug 15, 2022


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We all know there are contributing factors to the development of cancer. Smoking, obesity, diet, hormones, alcohol, chemicals, and even genetics can increase our risk of contracting this horrible disease.

However, my thoughts regarding childhood cancer always led me to believe it must be a freak gene mutation must be the culprit. Perhaps this was just naive of me, but when I read this research paper this morning, I thought I had to share it. What if this knowledge could prevent one child from enduring the suffering or even death attributed to cancer?

I am not saying it is anyone’s fault that a child contracts cancer. But, if anything we do unknowingly contributes, we would want to know, right?

Research Paper

A literature review was conducted based on 34 surveys, three meta-analyses, two research articles, ten case-controlled studies, and one cross-sectional study.

The results showed a protective interrelation between breastfeeding, the consumption of vegetables, fruits, and dairy products in the development of cancer in children. In contrast, the consumption of smoked and cured fish and meats, vegetable oils, junk food, soft drinks such as cola, and exposure to heavy metals present as risk factors for childhood cancer.

It goes on to say the prevention of childhood cancer is associated with intrauterine life and the mother’s diet during pregnancy. Furthermore, nutrition is crucial during the child’s first years of life, also affecting food choices later.

What Can We Do?

It all starts with us. What are some ways we can encourage our young ones to eat healthily?

  • Eat healthy ourselves. Be a good role model.
  • Don’t try to force healthy eating, but encourage conversation around food choices.
  • Make sure there are plenty of fruits and veggies available for snacking.
  • Keep junk food and sugary beverages out of the house.
  • Start a garden.

Studies show that kids that learn to garden eat more veggies as adults. Vitamin D is excellent for the immune system and bone…



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